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A Sport Unlike Any Other...

Welcome to Destination Polo and the gateway for your polo future. You are just one click away from the opportunity for a lesson and ultimately the chance to play. If you want to learn more about the sport of polo you've come to the right place. 

Destination Polo is unique in the sense that it is a partnership network that is comprised of polo professionals from all over the USA and other countries that work together to provide a first class experience no matter where you go. Although each location has unique characteristics, the underlying core criteria and experience is the same wherever you go. Most importantly the people that make up the team are 100% dedicated polo professionals with your happiness as their top priority. 

Our Mission - Our purpose for existing is for the growth and the promotion of polo. We know the sport inside and out and have the ability to maximize every aspect involved in the sport so that our experience works in your favor.  We pride ourself in finding the fastest route for our clients to excel at polo and shorten the learning curve as much as possible without cutting necessary corners. We know your time is valuable and strive to ensure every hour you put into the sport is well spent. 

FIND A POLO DESTINATION - (Map) - coming soon

No matter where you are located if you want to learn to play polo we have partners all over the US and with the help of our global partners reach every major continent. Everyone in the team has the same priority of safety and teaching so that you can be assured that you are always in capable professional hands. 


Once you've taken a few lessons and realized that polo is a sport that you want to pursue, you are faced with a question. Do you become an expert at polo horses and try to figure out the interworking of polo and everything involved, or do you leave that up to a professional? Why not allow Destination Polo to manage your polo career and ensure 100% the outcome that you want. Allow us to use our experience of polo horses, the game, staffing, equipment and logistics to provide you with an experience that is enjoyable and hassle free. Do you really need any more headaches in your life? Why not let us handle all the "what if's" and the "what next" situations. Its not every day that a turn key solution involving horses presents itself, but we feel the only way to guarantee success is to control all the aspects involved.  Utilizing a thought out proven strategy and economies of scale we are honestly capable of getting what you want done with less waste because we almost never have a costly error and are able to mitigate most pitfalls before they happen. Your priority is to learn polo and succeed at the goals that you set for yourself. Our job is to safely get you there.

One of our professionals will be more than happy to walk you through the program that we have set up. Honestly it will be the best 15 minutes invested to start your polo career. 

Look forward to speaking with you,

Doug Barnes 

Destination Polo